Our Alumni


 jump james t mark
James T Mark aka Koda
Took up eventing at 18 years old!
             shales gum on rail

aka Dozer
Dozer on a Birthday trail ride to the bar in town.




 monty aprilSpecial Preview  aka  "Monty"
"We've been together for 11 years now, he's the best trail horse I've ever had."

   Century Cognac nelson bradley
Century Cognac aka Joe
"While others chase their horses around trying to catch them,
a simple whistle and they come to us from anywhere on the farm.
Love these extremely intelligent horses"  -Nelson Bradley.  
Naked Willow, known locally as Fiddle
known internationally as The Dragon.
2015 AERC Endurance Standardbred of the Year.
Now retired from endurance competition, but still
active in trail building and trail riding.
Photo by Monica Bretherton, used with permission.



Rough Shot aka "Kamie"
Loves Dressage

 Canya Catchem
Canya Ketchem  aka "Tallie"
Excelling at Mountain Trail
   bob mountains  
 bunny endurance    BrookletsAmazed  
 ceojump    Prom Quest  
lucy water   solar wind  



Check back soon for more happy tails!

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